MotoOption Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship for the 2017 Season is now OPEN

MotoOption will be accepting applications for sponsorship consideration for the 2017 season from September 1st, 2016 thru March 1st 2017. Please read below for an overview of what we are looking for and apply during that time period.

MotoOption takes sponsorship seriously, please only apply if you are an active member of a racing community and feel that you can commit at least one year to promoting our brand. We don’t automatically give everyone a sponsorship and we review each application individually. We want people that are passionate about our brand and excited to help us grow.

NOTE: We are accepting sponsorship applications for racers to promote the MotoOption Brand and our line of casual apparel and accesories. Our custom production items that are designed to promote your team and your team sponsors such as custom canopies and pit shirts are not part of our sponsorship program - Thank You.


About MotoOption

MotoOption was founded by a rider FOR riders. We’re growing exponentially every year, expanding our reach and influence throughout the country and the world! Our brand has been displayed at National Motocross and Supercross races, in video games, on the water during freestyle Jetski competitions, and even on Network Television. While wins are great, we’re looking for more than just great results. We are looking for racers who want to help us grow our brand - if you’re actively promoting us, bringing us new customers, and keeping us up to date on how your seasons going, we’re going to notice. Going the extra mile will let us reward you with upgrades in sponsorship level, free merchandise, etc. Bottom line is we’ll help you grow as much as you help the brand grow.

***New to sponsorship? We recommend reading this article - it will give you some insight to the complex world of sponsorship.


Things to include in your application


  1. Be sure to Include Full Name, Age and Location.
  2. Let us know what and where you race, skill level, past results, and future plans. What separates you from your competition?
  3. If you already own some MotoOption Clothing, send us a photo of you in it - we always love to see new riders finding out about our brand, but we also make sure to reward those who have already been with us.
  4. We're an expanding brand in the motorsports industry, and are looking to continue our growth. Let us know how you would help us grow the brand - Stickers or logos on your machine are great, but it takes more than that to get results for a brand. Sponsored riders are often times our best promoters, show us what you can do!
  5. Have a local store or shop you feel MotoOption would be a good fit? Let us know! We offer multiple incentives to our riders who help get the MotoOption brand into stores in their area.
  6. If you're on social media, like our facebook and instagram pages, follow us on twitter - show us you truly want to be a part of the MotoOption team.



Sending in your application

We're accepting applications for sponsorship and will be making sponsorship decisions from September of 2016 to March of 2017, so make sure you get your application/resume to us in that time frame.

Send us your resume by email to: jd@motooption.com - please send as a PDF


Mail a resume to:

ATTN: Sponsorship
481 Ridge Rd
Ontario, NY 14519


Good Luck!