The Story of MotoOption... the only option for those that truly are MOTO!

Hanging on the pro pit fence at the Brome-Tioga motocross national as a kid, I knew I was different than most of the kids next to me. Although I loved riding and racing, I never dreamed about being a professional racer. I dreamed about owning one of those sick rigs and building a company that was known all over the world.

My brother Pat and I grew up riding and driving anything we could get our hands on. Motorsports was our obsession. It did not matter what it was, if it went fast we were in! As I grew older it became clear what I wanted to do. I always loved photography, design, and was super picky about what I wore.

To me, the shirt on my back was way more than just something to wear, It stood for who I was and It told everyone that I’m a racer! Unfortunately the same shirt that I thought told the world I was a racer and that I was part of somethings special, soon became popular with the rest of the world and lost all of its meaning.

Everything came together during the Fall of 2004, my freshman year in college. After spending countless hours learning photoshop and dreamweaver, I started a website called MotoOption.com.  Finally I had a chance to make my mark on the industry. I had a chance to create a brand that you could not mistake, a brand that had motorsports engraved in its every move, a brand that finally gave Moto enthusiasts the Option to represent a brand that eats, sleeps, and breathes racing just like they do.

From that point on everything I did was directed at building this dream. I knew I could not do it alone, and I was lucky enough to have a support network of friends and family that believed in me and would do anything they could to help. We hit the road and started with the sport I knew the best, Motocross. We started promoting MotoOption at tracks all around Western New York. Soon MotoOption was starting to outgrow my parents basement and garage so it was time to expand. It was going to take someone else that wanted this as bad as I did, someone that would be willing to work long hours with no immediate rewards. My brother Pat was the man for the job. We found an empty shop in Ontario, NY and Pat set out to make it a killer headquarters, and he did! We had a grand opening party to let the community know we are for real. We called it MotoFest and over 2,000 people came to kick it off!

Since then we have moved again from our original shop to a larger more up to date facility where we have more room to expand. We have sold our clothing in every single U.S. state, Canada, France, England, Australia, Germany, and more! We still design and print our clothing, build and maintain our website, film and edit our videos and do a lot of our photography all in house! We will continue to build our brand and show the moto-world that they no longer need to hide behind clothing without meaning. We are MotoOption, we are Motorsports!

- Josh Klem